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US Navy Official Photo
Type:  Submarine, Fast Attack Nuclear
Class:  SSN 593
Builder:  Portsmouth Navy Yard
UIC (Unit Id Code):  05056
Length:  279 feet
Beam:  32 feet
Displacement:  3770 tons
# Officers:  16
# Enlisted:  96
Propulsion:  Turbine Reduction Gears
# Propellers:  1
Launched:  7/9/1960
Commissioned:  8/3/1961
Decommissioned:  4/10/1963

Luis Del Prado
Reunion / Association
Contact: John Cook Phone: (518) 583-4688 E-mail:

Crew Lists
# Crew listed:  153
# Commission Crew:  17
# Decommission Crew:  1
# with e-mail:  103
# Eternal Patrol:  117
Status:  Lost
Fate:  Thresher was lost while conducting sea trials off the New England coast. Probably due to a catastrophic flooding casualty. 129 men lost.