Getting Started 

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How Do I Get Started?
This page is a Help Screen.  It explains how to Log In and Getting Started.
Things you see on this page are SAMPLES and do not work from here.  

Here is a "road map" for getting started
Sample Symbols You will see
after you Log In 
What the Symbols Mean
New Member Sign Up

New Member

(click the symbol above to begin the
'signup' process to become a member
  • First, create your login record. This lets you become a member ... which is  free.
  • Click on the NEW MEMBER button and you'll see a screen that lets you setup your information. You pick your Login Name and Password here.
  • After you submit your information, the website automatically sends you an e-mail. If you don't get this e-mail, you probably entered an incorrect e-mail address - in which case, you should visit "My Profile" to correct your e-mail address so that others can contact you .
  • After signing up, you'll be on the HOME PORT page where you can search for friends, ships, reunions and so on. But, you should first click on My Profile and complete your career information, ships you served on, etc.
Login Name:

Can't remember your
password? (click here)

Note: above SAMPLES don't work here.
  • To login, enter the Login Name and Password you created you created on your first visit (see above).
  • Then click on the Login for Members button (sample is shown on the left).
(You can change you login information in MY PROFILE. If you forget your password, click on "Can't remember your password" and we'll send it to you again).
Home Port

My Profile

Note: above SAMPLES don't work here
  • After you login, you'll be at Home Port or your own personal Welcome Aboard screen. On all DeckLog screens you'll see buttons that you can click to go to other DeckLog pages. Most screens have HELP buttons that explain that page in more detail. 
  • Ships & Crews lets you search for ships and crews who served aboard them. We show a little about each ship: it's history, status/fate, specifications, reunions and show any websites we know about.
  • Shipmates lets you search for old friends, without first picking a ship or an association.
  • Associations lets you search for associations and list their members. It also lets you find out about reunions for ships, how to contact the the association or visit any websites we know about.
  • My Profile you enter in your own information (see below).
Update My Profile

above SAMPLES don't work here
  • We recommend the very first thing you should do is to click on My Profile. It lets you change to your record. On the bottom of this screen, you will see all ships that you served on (that we know about so far) and any Associations you belong to.
  • My Info lets you update your address, phone, and other general information.
  • My Ships lets change or add a ship you served on to your profile.  You will have an Onboard Profile page for each ship you served on. It lets you enter your rank while onboard, the years that you were aboard, your special duties and several other fields.
  • My Associations lets you add associations you belong to and make changes to your profiles for each of them.
  • The QuarterDeck is an interactive area of DeckLog. It includes calendar of events (such as upcoming reunions), "Today In History" and more.   Consider this a place where you can go to find the "latest information" or meet others.
  • Reunions - lets you view a calendar that displays all reunions for ships or units that we know of. You can pick any month or year. If your ship or unit is displayed, you can click on it to get more details.
  • Links - will list other Navy or Veteran related websites that you may be interested in visiting.
Tips for entering LAST NAME  Name
Throughout DeckLog, you'll see many fields (boxes) displayed like this. If you click on the Question Mark you will see tips or hints about how best to enter data or use this field in a search.
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Many of the DeckLog screens include in-depth help screens which are accessed with the button you see to the left. Simply click on the HELP button and you'll pull up full documentation on the screen with information on how to effectively use the screen.
If your name is already on DeckLog, you'll find who added it and when by looking at the bottom of your Profile page.  We let others add records for their friends or family members, it also lets you (and us) know who added your profile. You can also decide to restrict access to your information when you fill out your profile. And, we promise to never sell, rent or give our list to any other 3rd party.
NOTE: Once you are a member of DeckLog, no one but you can ever alter your record again. Similarly, if you add a record for a friend ... and later on, if that person later becomes a member, you will no longer be able to alter their record either.   Click here to read our entire privacy statement.
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