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The Deck Plate Golden Anchor  - May 22, 2004
Congratulations!  Our Awards Committee has reviewed The Deck Log website, and you have been selected to receive our Golden Anchor Website Award for outstanding support of Military Veterans. To visit Deck Plate click here  (

A web site by, for, and about the Surface Warriors of the United States Navy.  Here you will find Sea Stories, Art, Fiction, Quotes, Photo's, Video Clips, Jokes, Poems, Tributes, and Resources for Active Duty Surface Warriors, Veterans, Retirees, and their families. 
Florida Today newspaper Article - March 10, 2004
Florida Today newspaper Article - August 18, 2002
American Veteran Search - May 23, 2001
Congratulations, This is Rich & Jack from American Veteran Search ( We are proud to tell you that DeckLog has been chosen to be featured in our AVS Monthly Newsletter in the "Top 10 Patriotic Site Award" section. We will Also add a link to your site on our site. It is with much Pride that we present you with our, American Veteran Search "Patriotic Site Award". What this means is we have reviewed your website and considered it worthy to be sent to our members. Our monthly Newsletter now gets sent to over 2.5 million Veterans on the Internet. We have spent the better part of two hours reviewing thoroughly the "DeckLog" site. We are incredibly amazed at the growth and the competent manor in which you have taken to bring this worthwhile endeavor to America's Veterans. Veterans mostly forgotten by the citizens who enjoy their freedom fought and won with tremendous sacrifice by veterans. Veterans prepared to fight, and having given of themselves in many conflicts throughout American history, deserve more. It is obvious your tremendous love of our American Veterans who served their country.
Florida Today newspaper Article - Nov 10, 1999