DeckLog's Privacy Policy 

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We will NOT sell, rent, trade or barter your information with any other organization. Your privacy is very important to us. When you submit your information to DeckLog, you have our assurance that your name will not be given to others by us, and will only be displayed on DeckLog in the manner in which you agree to. We have also taken measures to lessen the risk that a non-veteran can obtain your information for mass marketing purposes (see below).
However, we can not guarantee that your information will not be viewed or obtained by someone you would rather didn't. The purpose of DeckLog is to get Naval Veterans in touch with each other - and to accomplish this, it does require making your information accessible to others. When you submit your information to DeckLog, you agree to have your information available in a searchable format that is viewable to other Naval Veterans, and perhaps others. After all, you wouldn't be visiting DeckLog if you weren't interested in finding old friends and shipmates. But do be aware, DeckLog is open to veterans and non-veterans alike - which means others who you may not be on the best terms with (such as that shipmate you lost money to in a poker game that you never paid up on or an ex-spouse) may have access to your information.
When you fill out your veteran profile (under the option of "My Profile" on the Home Port), you have the option to hide certain information about yourself (such as address and phone number). If you are concerned about your privacy, we highly recommend you enable these features.
We have also taken the following measures to lessen the risk of your information falling into the hands of marketing companies:
  • Member's phone numbers, addresses, etc. are never displayed on any list. We simply print a "Y" or "N" to tell you if we have that information on file. In order to view a member's full information, you must individually go into each members record to retrieve the information. If we or that person has locked their information, then it will not be displayed. This makes it a very labor intensive task for marketing companies to obtain any usable data for their purposes.
Generally, our information has come from others who also served on the same ship as you did or from an association that you may have once belonged to. Many who visit our site, want to tell us about others they know about. We suspect they either know you or else found your name in an association's roster or on an on-line source (maybe a website for your ship or for veterans in general).  We let others add records for their friends or family members.  On the bottom of your profile, you can see who added your record.  Of course, we respect your privacy and will at your request, immediately remove your name from our website. You can also decide to restrict access to your information when you fill out your profile. And, we promise to never sell, rent or give our list to any other 3rd party.
NOTE:  Once you are a member of DeckLog, no one but you can ever alter your record again.  Similarly, if you add a record for a friend ... and later on, if that person logs on to DeckLog and signs up as a member (which is FREE), you will no longer be able to alter their record either.
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