What is DeckLog? 

What is DeckLog?
DeckLog is a FREE interactive website designed to help Naval Veterans get in touch with each other. DeckLog is not affiliated with the US Navy, it is run by several Navy veterans and their families, who all served on the same submarine together. We don't have a master list of all Naval veterans. The information you'll find here was submitted by the shipmates themselves, their friends/family or associations they belong. Therefore, our information is only as accurate as your willingness to help us.  On DeckLog, you will be able to:
  • Find Shipmates who served with you
  • See a shipmate's profile, with rate/rank graphics & photos
  • Research Ship's Histories, see their photo & patches
  • List crews on each ship
  • Display charts/graphs of ships, crews or associations
  • Find Naval or ship Associations, list members and learn how to join
  • Find out when & where ships are holding reunions
  • Find links to other Navy websites
  • Much more in the future
How To Get Started with DeckLog
To get started, you can either click on one of these two symbols (shown to the left):
Help - which will take you to a screen that explains how get started by becoming a member and creating your Login record.  It also explains how to then fill in your Naval Service profile.
New Member - you can click on this to jump right in without reading anything (only recommended if you are very comfortable using computers and the Internet).   If in doubt, click on the Help button ... it will only take a few minutes to review our road map to this web site.
Quick Tips
Tips for entering LAST NAME  Name
Throughout DeckLog, you'll see many fields (boxes) displayed like this. If you click on the Question Mark you will see tips or hints about how best to enter data or use this field in a search.
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Many of the DeckLog screens include in-depth "tutorials" which are accessed with the button you see to the left. Simply click on the Help button and you'll pull up full documentation on the screen with information on how to effectively use the screen.
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